Dayforce Wallet

Enable your employees to digitally manage their finances

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Dayforce Wallet gives your employees greater control over their financial well-being with instant access to their earnings

Our research shows that 80% of employees are regularly stressed about their finances. Dayforce Wallet gives employees the flexibility to manage their income and financial transactions without ever setting foot in a bank. Employees are empowered to make any day payday by accessing their wages on-demand, directly from their smartphones. Dayforce Wallet simplifies the process of getting paid so employees can stress less – and focus more on doing great work.

No change
to cash flow

Minimize changes to your payroll funding processes, enabling you to be more consistent with your cash flow forecasting.

No change to payroll process

Pay your people when they need it without impacting your day-to-day payroll processes, or affecting compliance.

More engaged employees

Help drive business continuity with flexible pay options that provide employees with more control over their earnings to minimize financial distractions.

On-Demand Pay

Offer employees more choice over when they get paid by making any day payday. Unlike an advance or a loan, employees are enabled to better manage unexpected expenses, minimize financial stress, and reduce their reliance on costly alternatives. Lessen the impact of financial stress to help improve productivity.

Digital account

Enable employees to better manage their finances more holistically, all in one place, with access to account balances, pay deposits, and transaction records at their fingertips. Simplify their daily lives with a mobile app for transferring funds and a paycard for making purchases.

Watch our CEO David Ossip give a demo of Dayforce Wallet

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